Energy Healing 

and Self-Empowerment

Treatments and coaching to restore your connection to the source of health and wellbeing
Become your own energy healer

Hi. Welcome to Phoenix Being 33.


I'm Matthew Haines, an energy healer and self-empowerment coach. I help people connect to the divine energy that we all are, for health, wellbeing and evolution.

I offer a range of healing services including Angelic Reiki and Seraphim Healing, alongside my own modality 'Passive State Healing', to support you at an energetic level through whatever health or life challenges you might be facing. These powerful sessions are available in-person in Glastonbury and also remotely anywhere in the world.

I also offer coaching to help you become your own energy healer, teaching simple practices to attune you to your own subtle body and connect you to the divine energy of Source.


Receive healing in-person in Glastonbury or remotely anywhere in the world.


Empower yourself with a magical toolbox of self healing techniques to become your own energy healer.


Learn more about what energy healing is and browse my growing library of insights.

Wow, wow, WOW! Did I say WOW! I've been lucky enough to receive healing from Matthew a few times and each time the healing and insights he delivers have become stronger and stronger...

I would highly recommend him to anyone with love and excitement. Excitement because I know you are going to embark on a magical journey with his healing hands, spiritual insights and warm personality.

- Theresa M


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