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Hi. I'm Matthew Haines. I'm a healer, spiritual teacher and transformational life coach based in Glastonbury, UK.
Here's how I got into healing and spiritual teaching and also a bit of background to the work I do now.

My earliest memories are of spirits and spirit guides. As I grew up I took the presence of these beings as normal. It wasn't until later that I realised my experiences were unusual. As a growing boy I learned to deny these spiritual experiences, for while the woman of my family had a keen interest in things of a spiritual nature the men did not and from that I assumed that spirituality was only really for woman. So I kept quiet about my inner world.


Later my path took me for a few years into the disciplined world of the Army and then into the building trade. These very solid, physical, embodied jobs gave me valuable grounding and a down-to-earth competence in life. I understand now that this was an important part of my spiritual journey.

As a healer and teacher today, I believe that my grounded approach to spiritual life and to the subtleties of energy work are what set me apart from many others in the field. Ascension, I believe, is a fully human process that happens right here amidst the everyday realities of our world. So I see that a part of my early journey was to ground into those realities as a man.


It was only once I'd done this, during my mid 20’s, around the time that my children were born, that my spiritual life started to wake up again. This remained a private, personal experience for about 10 years. Then, in my mid 30’s, I started to explore spirituality from the perspective of Mediumship as I had always connected with spirits. This was the start of a profound opening.


I spent several years developing as a medium and Energy Healer. In particular this took me deeper into learning about how everything is vibration and the difference between the denser, lower vibration and finer, higher vibration.


During this phase not only did I learn about the beings that exist within these vibrations I also saw a process that was referred to as ascension. It was very interesting for me and I learned a great deal about this process. But I soon realised that these teachings all seemed to say that in order to be in this ascension process you were either an ascended being that had gone through a descension process to come to the earth to raise the vibration of the planet to stop its demise, or that you have to connect to the higher vibrations in order to be able to ascend beyond the physical reality. In both cases the spiritual power was placed up above, beyond the human.


I found both of these perspectives problematic. On the one hand it seemed to me that this teaching has fed the ego aspect of people that wish for themselves to be the descension of a higher being. And on the other hand for those on the ascension process to increase their vibration and transcend the Earth and physical realm has caused not only further separation from the physical realm but invoked a process of handing sovereignty away by handing your individual power away to higher beings. Neither of these perspectives felt totally wholesome to me.


Interestingly, a similar thing appears to be going on with energy healing. I have trained in several energy healing practices. I am a qualified teacher of three modalities and a practitioner of another that is yet to hold the teacher level. These modalities have proved to be very effective and I truly do believe in their healing power, but they all call for a higher being to be present that works through you.


The teachings do cover that these beings are actually part of you and the higher aspect is you, but for me I feel that this is disempowering to a degree because in the first instance there is a level of faith involved as you get to know these energies as they blend with you and the requirement to blend reinforces the separation between the human aspect and the higher aspects which in turn causes a lower and higher divide which I feel is not truth.


What I have come to believe is that we are already the higher aspect as a human being and that we are yet to reach that level of understanding about ourselves.


This has encouraged me to develop my own healing modalities which I must admit was a guided process from my higher aspects as I had learned to connect to myself through the Core Being Process and I acknowledge these teachings as an awakening of my human self.


The modalities are called Passive State Healing which is a learnt process where the recipient is taught steps that they can use in order to release dense energy and karmic threads. The other is named Open Heart Healing which is a simple technique. Both of these modalities are taught and learned from the human being perspective and help to reveal what it means to be a human being at an even deeper level therefore making positive steps to sovereignty as an Awakened Human.


For me the teaching of Sovereignty is a missing link in the ascension teachings.

In order for any being of a higher vibration to descend into this dense vibration of the physical reality first there must be a human that can hold the vibration of that higher energy. In our history as humans there have been many that have taken the time to learn about themselves and they have increased their vibration in order to do so. I believe that none of them at any point disregarded their humanity but revered it intensely, knowing that the grand plan is and always will be to hold the highest vibration with in the physical reality, in turn revealing the full potential of the Human Being.


I believe that the missing teachings are of Being the Human at its fullest potential in the physical reality and that is how the Core Being Process came about.


It happened several years ago whilst I was at a very low point in my life. I was at this point suffering from loneliness and low thoughts of myself, caused by my own awakening. I was spending so much time by myself as I was finding it difficult to interact with anyone. My attitude to the world around me had changed over the prior years revealing to me an aspect that I had never paid attention too before. This was causing me discomfort as I no longer identified with the values of my peers and was searching for answers about who I Am.


It was then that I decided that I wouldn’t listen to my ego and made positive steps towards standing in my own power and learning to create as a sovereign being and to awaken the human that I feel I am and that we all are. Through this decision the insights and practices of the Core Being Process arrived, and I was guided through this process step by step along the path of awakening.


I believe in humanity and that the world is the way it is for a reason.


The Human race is of the highest vibration and always has been.  I believe that the human race holds only the highest vibrational souls and to come to the earth as one of those souls means that you are at the highest level of existence. Not every soul in existence can manifest and create in this denser reality.


As a human being we have experienced all of what the physical reality has to show us, so as that high vibrational soul we could learn from all of those experiences and it was necessary to come here with out the knowledge of who we are and our potential for this is part of the learning process because mastery of the physical reality is achieved whilst blindfolded and the Ego is what we used to bind ourselves to make this journey full of experiences in which to learn. It is now in these times that we are awaking the human and realising that we are more than we thought and the ego that has always served to give us the experiences that we required in order to learn is now becoming a sign post of all that is wrong with the world and now it serves us to awaken and we can now free ourselves of the binds of ego.


I believe that as our vibration increases within us and the world around us the older denser vibration must release as neither can occupy the same space and as the transference happens it causes friction that manifests in the world as the older vibration has to be transmuted or worked through. This is the reason for the conflict in the world at this time as it is the conflict within us that has come to be transmuted and as a race we have yet to learn how to transmute these lower energies with ease and grace.


The Core Being Process is a process of Awakening the Human and showing how we can create with ease and grace and be the sovereign beings that we are meant to be.

Matthew's current qualifications:

Usui Reiki Level 1, 2, 3 and Master Teacher 2013 (Jane Estlick)

Spiritual Healing (1 year course) 2015 (The Spiritual National Union)

Mediumship Platform accreditation (scheme 6 months course) 2015 (Spiritual National Union)

Acturian Healing level 1 & 2 July 2017 (Scott Grant)

Passive State Healing (A Spirit Guided Healing Course 2017-19) (direct from spirit Phoenix Being 33)

The Core Being Program (A Spirit Guided course 2017 - 19) (direct from spirit Phoenix Being 33)

Lemurian Healing July 2018 (Eloise Bennett)

Ascension tools for clearing and transformations July 2018 (Eloise Bennett)

Angelic Reiki 1 & 2 August 2018 (Eloise Bennett)

Journeys into the Heart September 2018 (Eloise Bennett & Ashley Lugg)

Angel Card Reading course Sept 2018 (Eloise Bennett)

Angelic Reiki 3 & 4 Oct 2018 (Eloise Bennett)

Seraphim Healing Level one Nov 2018 (Eloise Bennett)

Angelic Reiki Practitioner Dec 2018 (Eloise Bennett)

Angelic Reiki Master Jan 2019 (Eloise Bennett)

Seraphim Healing Practitioner course March 2019 (Eloise Bennett)

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