Core Being — Awakening The Human 

Introduction to The Core Being Process

Five Steps To Sovreignty

The process comprises 5 steps or stages of development, with teachings and practices to guide you through a gentle and grounded awakening to your full humanity:

  1. Softening—With this step you will be guided to increase your self-awareness; re-connect to your inner core being; let go of the past and your limiting beliefs based on past experiences; take the harshness out of life and particularly out of how you view yourself. Watch a short intro video about this step.

  2. Clearing & Cleansing—In this step you will be guided through more targeted release of physical, mental, emotional and energetic blocks, deepening the work of softening. Also, this step involves opening the pathway between the head and the heart, re-balancing the two so that neither the rational and practical nor the emotional and intuitive part of you dominates the other. Intro video.

  3. Slowing Down—Here you will be guided on a journey to become more deeply present to your own energy; to the energy of nature; and to the energy of all situations you find yourself in. With practice and development using the simple techniques of this step, it becomes possible to connect fully and witness the energy of everything as it emanates from Source. Intro video.

  4. Practical Application—This step is about bringing everything you have learned so far from the previous steps fully into your life and human relationships. It's about embodying Source Energy in your day to day, and living fully from a place of self-sovereignty. Intro video.

  5. Beyond The Conceptual—The final step in this process invites and guides you to drop deep into the heart and from there to open to the higher vibrational frequencies pouring into the earth at this time. Intro video.

This is a deep process, and one that will leave you transformed: 

more connected to the core of who you are and more open to the subtler energies of this magical creation.

Matthew is delighted to be able to offer you the Core Being Process as a gift, just as he received it from his teachers and guides.

The practices and teachings making up these five steps to sovereignty are the birthright of all human beings.

May you use them for your own healing and growth, and to help bring more light into the world.


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