If there's anything I love more than giving energy healing treatments, it's empowering people to enhance their own wellbeing.

Most people don't realise that we all have direct access to an infinite source energy. When we learn to tune in to that energy we become a channel for healing and conscious evolution, both personal and collective. 

Here are a few different ways I can help you awaken to the subtle energy of your own body and that of the universe





Feel free to browse my library of teachings, self-healing practices, and meditations. Free guide to energy self-healing here.

Intro to Energy Self-Healing

4-week course

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This is a structured 4-week journey through the practical basics of energy work.

Core Being Process

13-week course

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A deep journey into the magic!

1 hour sessions


Or via zoom

Work one-to-one with me.

Everything that you are and everything around you is energy—vibrating, pulsing, shimmering energy.  It’s not that things are made of energy, but rather everything simply is energy.

The apparent density of things is a sort of optical illusion of the mind; as is the apparent separation between things.

In reality, everything, including ourselves, exists as part of one single unified energetic field extending as far as the edges of the universe and beyond. And this energetic field is the direct emanation of the more subtle field of consciousness that is Source.

Energy healing is, at the deepest level, about helping us to experience this reality directly within the temple of our own being.

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