Reiki, Angelic Reiki, and the Evolution of Energy Healing

What is Reiki?

Reiki is based on the understanding that within our body flows a subtle “life-force-energy” (Ki) which causes us to be alive and is the source of our vitality. When this energy is strong and flowing smoothly it manifests as good health and wellbeing, whereas when it is depleted or disrupted we are more likely to suffer ill-health and low mood.

Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Tai-Chi, Ayurveda and Yoga all share this same basic idea with Reiki.

The aim of all these practices is to foster health and wellbeing by increasing the amount of life-force-energy in a person’s system, harmonising that energy within the system, and dissolving energetic blockages.

In Reiki this is achieved in various ways:

  • By living in alignment with natural spiritual principles.

  • By channelling Ki from an unlimited reservoir of universal divine energy (Rei-Ki) into our own energy system through the power of conscious intention.

  • By receiving Reiki Healing from a trained practitioner, who uses their own connection to the universal energy in order to channel Reiki into our system.

Many people usually associate Reiki with the last of these three approaches. It is normally seen as something that we receive from a Reiki practitioner in the same way that we might receive a massage from a massage therapist. But while receiving Reiki in this way can be a wonderful experience and a powerful support on our healing journey, this is just the beginning of Reiki.

The sooner someone empowers themselves by learning to access the unlimited reservoir of divine energy on their own, and by embracing the responsibility to live in alignment with natural principles, the sooner deep healing and transformation can really begin.

Reiki Treatments Vs Self-Healing

If we are new to energy healing or suffering from an acute illness, it makes a lot of sense to turn to an experienced Reiki practitioner to receive some treatments. Such practitioners can act as a conduit to allow the universal divine energy to flow into our system and replenish our Ki, bringing us back towards wellness and vitality. This is a very beautiful gift we can give to ourselves.

Reiki treatments are deliciously relaxing, often full of radiant peace, an exquisite sense of deep wellbeing and security, and the feeling of being brought into contact with the source of divine love.

Such experiences are deeply nourishing on all levels—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

As the divine energy flows into us, boosting our subtle energy system and increasing our vitality, it also helps to clear away trapped negative energy, as well as negative attitudes and emotions. This can leave us feeling re-vitalised and renewed, cleansed and full of hope—a feeling which can sometimes last for days or even weeks. Many people report significant improvements to their overall health and sometimes even miraculous recovery from serious illnesses.

However, for most people, unless treatments are supported by a corresponding shift in lifestyle and outlook, the chances are that whatever improvements are felt during and after Reiki Healing will eventually fade and we will return to our previous state of imbalance.

This is because the deep energetic patterns which are at the root of our manifest issues in life are not usually addressed or transformed through one or even a series of treatments.

In order to see lasting results we need to take an active responsibility for our own healing, and to see our whole lives as creating the conditions for health or its absence. Only in this way can we been to work with the underlying patterns which create our experiences in life.

Reiki self-healing involves accessing the unlimited reservoir of universal divine energy for ourselves and opening to that energy on a regular basis, as well as consciously living in alignment with natural spiritual principles.

These two aspects of self-healing support each other beautifully. For the more we fill ourselves with the divine energy the easier and more natural it becomes to make choices that are in alignment with the deep flow of life. And the more we are able to make such choices the more naturally open we become to the divine energy.

So, receiving Reiki Healing treatments can be a powerful way to begin our self-healing journey: offering support through particularly difficult times, providing an influx of positive energy to help move us forward and inspire us to make some shifts in our lives, and giving us a delicious taste of the unlimited light we can open to through our own efforts.

But at some point we will want to learn to access that light directly through our own conscious intention.

Reiki Attunements

In the Usui Reiki healing system, we learn to access the reservoir of divine energy by receiving what are known as ‘Reiki Attunements’.

Unlike many other healing methods or spiritual practices which use various techniques to enhance the flow of Ki in the body—techniques that can be quite complex and take years to learn and master—Reiki is very simple and direct.

Reiki attunements take only a short amount of time to activate the natural circuits through which can then flow the reiki energy, and once this has taken place then the energy itself guides the healing process.

This is largely because the reiki energy that is channelled is a particular kind of life-force energy which is conscious and self-directed, that is, once it has been accessed and is flowing it knows exactly where to flow, exactly what a person needs for their healing.

We don’t need to know all about meridians or chakras or the auric field, all that we need is to be able to open to the reiki energy and it does the rest.

This is what a reiki attunement does: simply opens us to the particular frequency of the Reiki energy, so that we can then recognise it and access it whenever we wish to let it in to work on us or through us.

During an attunement the reiki teacher or ‘master’ opens their own connection to the reiki energy and then transmits the quality of that connection to the student. It’s a subtle transmission in which the student’s energy system is imprinted with the master’s own attunement to the reiki energy, which then becomes the student’s own.

Actually, it’s slightly more complex than that, as in Usui Reiki there are 5 levels of attunements which form a gradual process of transmission of the reiki energy, each level providing an increasingly more precise introduction to the particular frequency of energy that is reiki. But still, this process takes only a short amount of time, and by the 5th level, the ‘master’ level, the student is able to fully access and channel the reiki energy, and can themselves perform attunements for others as well as give reiki treatments.

Reiki Refinement

The journey of opening to the reiki energy doesn’t end with the master-level attunement, however.

Being able to access the reiki energy for self-healing and to give treatments to others is a big step on the spiritual path of reiki, but that path has many more treasures for us if we are willing to explore further.

Next comes the process of refining the quality of the reiki energy we are able to channel for our own self-healing and for the treatment and attunement of others.

The more we access the reiki energy and let it flow into our system, the more sensitive we become to the reiki energy and the stronger our connection to the source of that energy. With this increased sensitivity and connection comes two things:

  • An increase in the quality and strength of the reiki energy that we are able to channel, and

  • The development of our personal qualities, the cultivation of our character, the refinement of our personality, and the deeper alignment of our whole life with natural spiritual principles.

Reiki attunement is ultimately a journey of unlimited possibility. How fully we are able to access the deepest essence of the reiki energy depends on how deep we are willing to go in our practice, how sensitive we are able to become to that energy.

Interestingly, this raises the question of whether the quality of the reiki we receive from a particular healer/teacher/master depends on their own particular level of refinement.

It would seem that it does. Mikao Usui, the founder of Usui Reiki, himself used to urge his students to refine the quality of the reiki they were able to channel, in order to be able to give more effective treatments.

This has important implications for anyone seeking reiki healing and attunements: we need to make sure that we find the very best healer/teacher/master available.

It also has implications for those offering reiki healing or attumenents: we have a responsibility to our clients/students to develop and maintain our sensitivity and connection to the reiki energy as fully as possible, so as to be able to impart the highest quality reiki we possibly can.

Angelic Reiki

Angelic Reiki is a form of energy healing in many ways similar to Usui Reiki but different in some important respects.

Most significantly, we saw how in Usui Reiki the level of consciousness of the healer/master/teacher affects the quality of the reiki channelled, but in Angelic Reiki it is claimed that this is not an issue.

According to the founder of Angelic Reiki, Kevin Core, who channelled the system from Archangel Metatron between October 2002 and February 2003, the consciousness of the practitioner of Angelic Reiki doesn’t affect the quality of the energy channelled, for it is the Angels themselves (not the healer/teacher/master) who are the channels for the divine energy.

This means that the healing energy is always perfect in its conception and transmission, regardless of the level of refinement of the particular healer/master/teacher. It is always the angels who channel the healing and give the attunements.

Another important difference between Usui Reiki and Angelic Reiki is that rather than addressing the level of the life-force-energy, as Usui Reiki does, Angelic Reiki goes deeper to work at a soul level.

It works at dissolving the subtle thought-forms which are in conflict with our divine blueprint, and which create the karmic, energetic patterns responsible for manifesting disharmonious life-situations.

Whereas traditional reiki works more at the level of the energetic patterns themselves, Angelic Reiki goes deeper to release the root causes of those patterns, which are being held at soul level.

Angelic beings guide the process, identifying and dissolving the subtle seeds of imbalance and even clearing the memory-traces of trauma and suffering which anchor those seeds in place.

It is very powerful work, divinely guided by angelic consciousness, available to help us release the karmic causes of physical, ancestral, and emotional imbalances across all time-lines and to move closer towards the perfection of our own divine being.

But the question arises: isn’t the perfection of our own divine being already present within us? And if so, doesn’t it make sense to work directly with that divine being, instead of through the mediation of some higher beings or higher power outside of ourselves?

The Evolution of Energy Healing

Both traditional and angelic reiki are wonderful and powerful forms of healing—beautiful gifts for humanity. But I feel that today we stand at the edge of an evolution in energy healing that involves the reclaiming of our own power and sovereignty.

For so long religion and spirituality have placed all spiritual power in the hands of higher beings and their representatives. This has created a lower/higher divide which I feel is neither empowering nor true. 

Usui and Angelic Reiki are two examples of systems which follow this deep divide, each requiring a higher being to be present that works through the human.

In the journey of remembering our divine sovereignty and the perfection of who we are, these as well as other traditions and techniques can certainly help us on our way, but they can only take us so far, and in many cases can actually get in our way by subtly reinforcing our separation from that perfection even while working to dissolve it. This is something we now need to move beyond.

As human beings we are much more than we think we are. We are already ascended masters, souls of the finest vibration of consciousness fully equipped with all the powers of awakened energy. We have come here into the dense vibration of physical reality not to learn and grow into an ascended version of ourselves but to embody that which we already are.

Modalities of healing and self-development which fail to acknowledge this are at some level blocks on the path of sovereignty, the path of fully embodying our divine essence here in human form.

It’s time to dissolve these blocks and embrace Being the Human at its fullest potential, directly connected to the divine source that is our own essence.

The evolution of energy healing means attuning to that which we already are, not to something outside ourselves. It means allowing ourselves be restored to the perfection that is already ours. And it means opening to the divine vibrations which emanate from the spiritual heart of our own being.

Forms of healing and self-development based on this understanding and intention are emerging now. The Awakened Human is emerging from the darkness of long-forgetfulness and reclaiming its lost sovereignty.

We can each be part of that emergence by choosing to open to and own our natural full-spectrum divinity, here and now, in the magical field of Earth’s many-layered mystery.

Energy Healing Services and The Core Being Process

If you would like to receive Angelic Reiki or find out more about the unique healing modality I've evolved based on the understanding outlined above, please follow the Energy Healing link below.

If you are interested in the full-spectrum journey along the path of sovereignty, please check out The Core Being Process, a free resource I've created on this site to give guidance and techniques for human-centred self-healing.

So many blessings to you on your healing journey.


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