Uniqueness and Unity

Moving beyond old-paradigm spirituality

Everything in existence is moving, vibrating, and never stops in its journey of growth as it strives to increase its vibration.

This is true for atoms, rocks, animals, we human beings and beyond.

The path of spirituality is one of continual growth, both at an individual level and at the level of humanity as a whole.

What was helpful at one time becomes less helpful as the journey moves on.

In reality there is no wrong way as ultimately any steps taken towards your inner knowing are and can only be right at the time. What resonates at a particular time is the right way to go along on your exploration of self.

The key is being able to move on when growth requires it, to make positive forward steps along our journey when old forms no longer serve.

In so much of the world’s spirituality there is a regurgitation of old information that I feel is now outdated due to the vibrational changes of the world and human race. Although the old teachings have served to get us to where we are now, they have come to the point where they are limiting us.

I call Old Paradigm Spirituality that which rests upon a foundation of people being asked to hand their power over to higher beings of one form or another — God, gurus, priests, prophets, angels, ascended masters…

Now it is time for each of us to step out of this dynamic and to own our own power as human beings, to connect directly with our core being and to the deeper levels of the world we live in.

Doing this involves forming a new relationship with ourselves and our world, one that embraces a balance between the head and the heart, and also one that embraces a balance between our uniqueness and our unity.

For another major drawback of the old paradigm is that it is all about the individual and how we are all on our own journey.

While it is true on one hand that we are each a unique being on our own journey, it is also true that we are all interconnected. Both sides of this equation need to be honoured and balanced in a spirituality moving forwards.

Old paradigm spirituality has tended to deny our uniqueness, pointing to our unity at the level of Being. Going along with this has meant handing over our own sovereignty in favour of being part of the heard.

While at the same time old paradigm living has tended to deny our unity, pointing to our uniqueness at the level of our Humanity. This has meant casting aside our responsibility for our part in the whole.

But these are the two aspects of our Human Being which now need to be embraced as a balanced whole. Our Humanity and our Being are both needed.

It is now about opening up our connection to our own core being and also to the interconnectivity of everything and everyone, while holding the awareness that we each have our own unique gifts to bring to the table to share with others.

Each person living and sharing from deep connection to the core of their being will empower everyone else to join in and share their own unique core values and gifts.

And this will form into a unified self-honouring global conscience that will take us into a new paradigm and bring profound change to our world.


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