What is Energy Healing?

Everything is energy


Consider this for a moment: 


Everything that you are and everything around you is energy—vibrating, pulsing, shimmering energy.


It’s not that things are made of energy, but rather everything simply is energy.


The apparent solidity of things is a sort of optical illusion of the mind, as is the apparent separation between things.


In reality, everything, including ourselves, exists as part of one single unified energetic field extending as far as the edges of the universe and beyond.


And this energetic field is the direct emanation of the more subtle field of consciousness that is Source.


Energy healing is, at the deepest level, about helping us to experience this reality directly within the temple of our own being.


Dissolving blockages


So energy healing is about rediscovering ourselves to be a complex interwoven field of energies emanating directly from Source Consciousness.


Between that Source Consciousness and our everyday experience of ourselves, our body and our world there is essentially no separation, only different layers of energy vibrating at different frequencies.


But within these different layers we find various blockages which prevent energy flowing smoothly through us from its origin. 


It is these blockages which create the illusion of a world of separation and solid objects that we normally take to be reality, and which also manifest as forms of illness and dis-ease—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.


Energy healing aims to dissolve these blockages, allowing the energy emanating from Source to flow smoothly through our lives. As it is allowed to do so, illness and other problems can disperse and our beings become filled with more light and Consciousness.


The human as an energy system


The sense of separation from source is, ultimately, the fundamental cause of all illness and dis-ease in our lives and our world.


It is essentially this separation that energy healing seeks to dissolve. But to do so often requires a gradual process of clearing and releasing more specific blocks, addressing the underlying causes of particular imbalances and disharmonies in our lives.


This gradual process involves working with the various layers of our human energy system.


Different disciplines describe the human energy system in slightly different ways, but most agree on the following basic outline:


At the densest frequency is our flesh-and-blood physical body, which is energy condensed into its most solid form.


Next is the energy of our life-force (prana or chi), which flows through subtle channels sometimes called meridians. This energy communicates directly with our physical body and is that out of which the various tissues of our physical bodies are actually formed.


More subtle is the level of energy sometimes called our aura. This is the layer which contains our chakra system and which holds the various patterns (acquired during this and other lives) that are currently determining the flow of our life-force through its subtle pathways.


Interwoven through the above layers, effecting and being effected by each, are our emotional and mental bodies.


Beyond all this is the astral layer, which holds the very subtle energetic imprints of the individual experiences we have had and will have throughout all our lives, from which are formed the patterns held in our auras and translated into our energy flows and our physical bodies.


More subtile still is the divine template of our soul, the deep and extremely fine vibrational structure which itself creates our experiences on our journey through time and space. This is the highest level of individuality.


Beyond are the celestial realms of angelic consciousness, and beyond these the causal level of absolute consciousness itself.


As human beings we contain and embody this full spectrum of energies. All of these levels are present and operational in us at all times. None of them need to be acquired or developed. We only need to open to them, release the blocks contained within them, and allow the energy to flow smoothly through them.


Energy healing


Like any other form of healing, energy healing can help with relieving the symptoms of particular ailments and illnesses, returning the individual to normal functioning.


Many people go to energy healers for this kind of treatment, which can take place either in person or remotely at any distance.


Such treatments usually take place at the level of the aura.


The energy healer acts as a conduit for clear light energy to flow freely into the recipient’s auric field directly from source. It is a little bit like pouring a flow of clean water into a glass of cloudy water so that the clean water eventually displaces the cloudy.


In this way energetic blockages can be dispersed, negative energy can be removed, the energy centres can be re-balanced and life-force can flow more smoothly through its subtle pathways.


By working at this level, the physical, mental and emotional bodies are all positively affected, and recipients often feel lighter, more relaxed, clearer and brighter after receiving this kind of treatment. 


Over time, chronic physical illness and long-standing life-issues can be cleared through this kind of energy healing, as the repeated cleansing and strengthening of the auric field of the recipient gradually addresses the underlying energetic blocks, imbalances and deficiencies which were manifesting as illness and issues.


More advanced energy healing is possible though. This involves working at the deeper levels of the energy system as described above.


Some healing techniques work directly at the astral level, for example, clearing the the subtle energetic imprints held there. This deep work addresses the causes of the patterns held in our auric field, actually removing the energetic imprints which were causing these patterns and thereby resetting the rest of our energy system all the way up to the physical. This is very powerful healing.


Other techniques work directly at soul level, but this level of healing is very rare.


The depth at which en energy healer can work with a recipient depends on the amount of clearing the healer has done on their own energy system—how connected they are to their true self that is Source.


Energy healing as spiritual practice


Ultimately, we are all our own energy healers. Or rather, the only real energy healer is Source. This is not to say that we cannot receive healing and support through other people, but ultimately all energy emanates from Source Consciousness and we ourselves can learn to access that energy directly.


At the deepest level, energy healing is the journey of accessing Source Consciousness directly. This is a process of remembering and connecting to the energy of our Multidimensional Self, of opening to the full spectrum of who we are and living our lives from a connection to the divine.


In this process we open and clear the pathways through which energy flows through all the levels our beings, healing and harmonising the whole of our lives and dissolving the sense of separation and the various subtle blocks of which this sense separation is made.


At this level energy healing is not something that anyone else can do for us, but our own journey of aligning with what is, of allowing our true selves to shine through the apparent denseness of physical reality, and sharing our light with each other so that we can all raise our consciousness through the remembrance of who we are.


As we do so we move closer to the divinity that we are.


Support on your energy healing journey


Words and ideas can only take us so far. The only way to really understand what energy healing is is through experience.


I've created this Energy self-healing practice introducing some simple techniques for self-healing which combine to form a short daily practice for centring, clearing and grounding your energy.

And for more detailed guidance I offer a four-week journey into the basics of energy self-healing and empowerment, to help ground you into the experience of your own subtle energy and lay the foundations for connecting to the energy of your Multi-dimensional Self: Introduction To Yourself As An Energy Being.

I also offer a range of Energy Healing Treatments to support your personal self-healing. These can be given either in person or remotely at a distance. Find out more about the different forms of Energy Healing I offer.


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